200 Dresses Not Forgotten

”’200 Hundred Dresses – Not forgotten””

by Melody Rhurmund

The concept of this Installation came to me when I realised that it took just one month for us to forget all the  devastating news on the girls in Africa been stolen. We will not forget people that  have being Abused  and Stolen  from their families. This Installation is to remind us that we have not let go of our hope for all people to be rescued and remembered and out of devastation can come beauty …

Every man woman and child is invited to be involved. Via a Dress; Poetry; a Hat; a Doll;  Yarn bomb a section of fence; boys clothing is not being exclude…..  There will be 200 Hundred dresses randomly placed along the whole fence. You are invited to attach a dress where you like or anything that will  mean something to you in remembrance for someone or yourself as a way of letting go or a prayer or meditation for good wishers towards any person in a difficult situation.

“Anyone can bring anything, we want them to put their own dress up,” Melody said.

The installation will go along the whole of the Forbes Public School fence across the road from Bernardi’s down to the bridge.

“It’s going to be spectacular,” Melody said.