We very gratefully acknowledge the support of our Major Sponsors which committed substantial financial support for the next three biennial Festivals after the astonishing success of our first River Arts Festival. Their support, and that of our many other financial and in-kind supporters, is making our 2015 festival possible.

Kalari Lachlan River Arts Festival 2

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES:: We invite companies and foundations, local businesses and individuals to help us grow our River Arts Festival into our region’s major cultural event and ensure its sustainability. We offer a series of unique sponsorship packages named, in the Wiradjuri language, for some of our native wildlife species: Gungubal (River Cod),  Biladurarj (Platypus), Dhanguurr (Cat Fish), Gurang (Bandicoot), and Dyirridirri (Willie-wagtail). At least one of these species, the bandicoot, is locally extinct, the platypus is rare and endangered,  the cod and cat fish are hanging on in our threatened river system, and the little willie-wagtail still sings and bobs around in most of our local gardens and bushlands.

Please download these sponsorship offers here >>  [pdf 457 kb]
We look forward to welcoming new sponsors and project partners
into our Festival community.

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